Choosing a bridal veil for your wedding

Choosing a bridal veil for your wedding

Choosing a veil for your wedding can be overwhelming, here are my top tips of getting the ball rolling..

Firstly where to start?? There are so so many styles out there to choose from and many many of them are gorgeous and you can't wear all of them at once, or there are so many of them that are nearlyyyy right but not quite, I get it. The trick is to break it down a little and just take your time also.

Remember there is no wrong answer as to what to wear too! You need to do you here, so it’s all about finding a veil and style for your day that makes you feel like you’re wearing something that reflects you and your personal tastes. Goes a little without saying, but it can help to just repeat that when there are options flying at you left right and centre.

Collection of juliet cap bridal veils

Logistically, my advice is to start with your dress, your veil is an accessory, so that’s the main focal point and you can use that as an anchor or start of the search. After that then it’s like a balancing act, how much lace detail does your dress have? If it has a lot, then you can pick a veil that has less for example, or if it’s a simple timeless gown then you can have more flamboyant lace on your veil. Does it have a particular period style or shade of ivory? Lace and tulle comes in more than one shade of ivory, but there are a lot of vintage shades too.

Bridal veils lined up to photograph

Secondly do your research, spend as long as you like scouring pinterest and various suppliers, see whats out there and what fits in your budget. And try some veils on! It’s like any accessory or piece of clothing, we like some in a pic or on a hanger, but once it’s on, you just know if it’s for you or not.

Cathedral length bridal veil gallery Chapel length bridal veil gallery

For length, how long is the train of your dress? Do you want it longer or shorter? Is there any back detail you want to be centre stage? Pattern wise, if there is lace detail then you want to try and find a lace pattern that compliments the lace pattern of your dress. Lace comes in lots of qualities and some are more delicate than others. When looking for lace for a veil, I usually try to source a pattern that mirrors the detail already on the dress, so corded or scalloped detail, a similar shade of ivory or eyelash detail, but again it needs to be one you like also.

Pale ivory scalloped lace trim available along the edge of a veil

As for picking a veil from the lace book, the easiest way is to see the styles in person. But veils are also available to commission. So have a good look at the style catalogue and see if any take your fancy to see in real life, or send me pics of ones you like from pinterest, any style can be made for you. The important thing is having one you really like and are looking forward to wearing!

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