Lace Botanica is a bespoke bridal veil making service, helping you make and design the bridal veil that you have been looking for.

Focus is both on the the tailoring of bridal veils, so the shape and style, the drape of your veil, and then the pattern of the lace detail. The lace trim and detail is custom sourced and the lace patterns are sourced for your veil to match your bridal gown.

Veils are tailored from scratch and all the veils are made in house in Shipley, West Yorkshire by a Jen, a former theatrical milliner.

Essentially Lace Botanica is run by a milliner with a focus on pattern cutting. Pattern cutting for those that don't know is about the shape of the flat fabric used to create a garment. For veils, it's all about ovals and how the different shapes of the ovals create different draping and hang, depending on the tulle used.

My other sister brand is called The Capalog, which is a biz dedicated to the patterncutting of caps for everyday wear. Veils and Caps don't necessarily work together at first glance.. but they are both rooted in pattern cutting!

Silk tulle bridal veil from lace botanica

The process of making bridal veils is very individual, all the pattern matching is done with respect for which elements of the lace patterns you like and don't like. There are so many beaut lace patterns out there and different suppliers and places to try. In the costume world this is what we do for every production, source fabrics from different independent fabric shops. It's part of my job to listen to what you like and don't like and source the elements to reflect that.

So if you're looking for your dream veil with a specific lace pattern to match your dress and have been struggling then look no further!

As for what working with me is like, I'm a huge introvert, I'm patient and want to consider all the small decisions with you. I believe in you do you and that being individual is the best way. You can also find reviews from previous brides on the Review page.