How veils are made - the craft of veil-making

How veils are made - the craft of veil-making

How is a veil made essentially? How did a milliner end up making them?

From a craft point of view, veils are pattern cutting to me and just another type of headwear. They are constructed from a flat piece of tulle, that is cut to a certain shape in order to achieve the drape and final shape of the veil. Pattern cutting much like for the caps that I also make is all about the final shape in 3D and how every bit of the flat 2D shape translates to a different shape in 3D.

Cutting a veil out from tulle using a toile template

Don’t get me wrong, symbolically they’re not just a piece of the fabric, the devil’s in the detail, but it’s my job to know how to make one. As a milliner that’s what you get when you order a veil from the lace book, an actual human who you can chat to about getting something made, that you either haven't been able to find or just that you have always dreamt of wearing.

A stash of bridal veil templates labelled by style

The veils are drafted and cut out by me and sewn by me too. They’re not made abroad and bought wholesale, they’re crafted by hand, sustainably and then made bespoke for you. I mean I don’t weave the tulle or do the lace making but that’s someone else’s skill and specialty. I do make whatever style you want and in shades to match your dress and lace patterns. That’s the advantage of coming to me! They're also quite simple to make once you decide which lace & style you want and I help you look at all the options along the way there, so you have someone to brainstorm options with.

Pinning a bridal veil in place Final touches mid photo shoot

As for how a milliner started making veils sometimes more than hats.... mainly from people getting in touch who couldn’t find the perfect one to match their dress. Then I just got obsessed with all the lingo and details. Personally coming from a costume design background and designing for a character, designing for something that is so individual & sentimental to customers is also really rewarding and something I really value and respect. I really care about individuals finding something that reflects an identity and makes them happy on their big day.

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