To blusher or not to blusher??

To blusher or not to blusher??

Do you want a veil with or without a blusher? This one depends or how attached you are to having a traditional veil... 

Fyi the blusher is the technical name for the front of a veil that covers the face as the bride goes down the aisle.

Daisy cap elbow veil with blusher

To some having a veil is the final finishing touch to a bridal ensemble and perfect accessory to the dress. It just is what you’ve always dreamed of having on that day. And a blusher is a pretty traditional part of a veil. So it’s more than understandable that the blusher just completes that dream. But there is no wrong answer here, you have to trust your gut about which direction you want to go. Does having a blusher make you feel excited and warm and fuzzy inside about your  outfit?

Silk chapel veil with blusher Back of chapel veil with blusher

But having a blusher also is traditionally about the bride not being seen until the last moment and the colour of white or ivory is about the bride being a virgin and being fresh for her fella etc, we all know that. That’s where the roots of a blusher came from. Now for some brides that immediately gives you an idea of whether to have one or not, no judging but it’s 2020, some of us already know our other half pretty damn well, they’ve already seen all our flaws and foibles and seen us in the buff.

Silk elbow length veil with blusher down

For other brides having a traditional veil and making those values clear, having a blusher is a great way to pay respect to those values. It also is a lovely tradition and fairy tale to have a blusher, when else are you going to be able to wear a full romantic veil?? With train and lace and all?

Cathedral length veil with blusher

On the other side blushers have other sneaky benefits, personally I for one hate being the centre of attention and the idea of walking down an aisle with EVERYONE watching doesn’t really excite me much. But with a blusher to hide behind? Sounds a little crackers, but is it also a genius way to feel more comfortable on such a big day?? Maybe! It also adds to the excitement a little bit more and longer until you and your other half see each other again.


Whatever you choose though, remember it’s ok and it’s not a big a decision as you think it is, you are the only one that it really really matters to, so trust your gut about which route to go down.

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