Veil Lingo

Veil Lingo

Helpful terms to know when choosing a veil!


The technical name for the part of the veil that covers the face.

Juliet Cap Veil with Blusher Elbow length bridal veil with blusher


How important is a blusher? Blog post & my unhelpful musings on whether to have a blusher or not here.

Corded Lace

Lace that has a thin ivory cord so to speak sewn into the pattern. A lot of lace patterns sometimes come in both options, the corded version a little bit more decadent. The ones below are the same pattern for example, one with cording and one without. The one on the right has also had it's eyelashed edge removed. (see below)

 Fleur de lis lace veil edge


Lace edging/trim that has little threads along the edge, like eyelashes. (see pics above)

Juliet Cap

A style of crown where the veil crown is either made of lace or tulle fitted to the head. Also spelt Juliette cap and has many different variations!

Juliet Cap Veil Juliet Cap Veil


A veil without a blusher. Most of these veils are normally worn on a comb at the top or back of the head. Based on the Spanish Mantilla veil.

Scalloped Lace

When the lace edge has a repetitive curved shape. So most laces!



The train of the veil OR dress is the very back or end.


The fabric that a veil is made from. Samples can be found here.


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