Bauhaus Workshop Feature

Bauhaus Workshop Feature

Offering workshops every Sunday was a gamble, I knew that it would take a while for word to get out and for me to figure out how & where is best to market them not to mention staying on top of everything else each week and the first few would be quiet as a result but yesterday was a lovely way to see it was worth all the effort!

All the subjects have been carefully designed as tasters, so they are easy to try but still show you something new and are ultimately fun and a great insight into millinery. And some have mad twists too! Yesterday was the Bauhaus Roses workshop for example..


The Bauhaus movement has been a major integral art movement for decades and for me it’s one that I have always loved and been inspired by but essentially not known all the facts and details in relation to it, it’s only recently I’ve started learning a lot more about it and really started to think about how I can apply it to my own work & the world of millinery. Essentially it was created at an art school in Germany that was open from 1919 to 1933, so not for very long. But the movement carried on for a lot longer, thanks to the students and tutors and where they took it. One of the main quotes that I always remember is “Form Follows Function”. So design was taken back to a practical aspect and then the design came after. Consequently a lot of Bauhaus inspired designs and shapes carry simple block colours, with simple geometric shapes, like triangles and circles, then with bold black lines repeated and highlighting and contrasting aspects within each piece of work or design.

For Bauhaus Roses, this is essentially a flower making workshop, so students learn about flower making and the traditional petal shaping tools, how to make a flower from these elements and the shapes of the petals and colours are inspired by bauhaus shapes and styles. Then the finished flowers are arranged and made into a colourful headpiece to take away. Students can also choose the colours themselves, so there are often lots of variations, it was lovely to see lots of colour combos yesterday!


Bauhaus Roses has three more dates before the end of the year, but will also be running in the new year as part of 2019 programme of workshops too.

You can catch it on Sunday the 25th Nov, Sun 9th December and Sunday the 23rd December also and the workshop cost is £20 per head, including materials, tools, and fuel of coffee, tea & biscuits.

For more info please see the workshop tab at the top of the page.

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