But What About The Hats?

But What About The Hats?

Where does Jen Levet Millinery exist next to The Capalog?

The Capalog was launched as a sister and diffusion brand on 1st July 2019. Mainly as an outlet for all the pattern cutting knowledge I had gained over the years as a milliner... and also just cos well caps are a timeless type of headwear that I bloody love.

I have always wanted to collect them all in one place and make them accessible to order from and separate them from other types of headwear that they didn't quite sit logically next to, read bridal veils and tricornes there!


So The Capalog was born & is now the permanent place for ordering a cap. All the caps in the collection have been drafted by hand by me & have all been pattern cut and stitched in house. The capalog has it's own website, instagram and slightly shoddy twitter and pinterest accounts which are still developing. But it is gradually growing! More info here...


HOWEVER now the dust has settled a little and it's gotten a bit of rhythm (touch wood!) what does that mean in terms of the main millinery brand? I have definitely confused a lot of peeps by this! Friends mulling over who to tag me as on instagram, or assuming I'm wrapping up JLM or just because that's just the way as humans we like to pigeon hole info and understand other people. And trust me it has bewildered me a little to figure out too! Not to mention there's not enough hours in the day to do everything, so something's gotta give.

Ultimately I'm a milliner first. Caps comes from millinery to me, and now having the capalog takes a bit of pressure off. It now allows me to downsize it a bit and really focus on the elements of millinery that I really love, such as the real organic traditional skills and techniques, the sculptural elements and shapes and the real craft. But also bring some new things in too in a more focused way. Mainly sustainability (possibly hat hire & bridal veil hire) & using millinery as a form of craftivism to campaign for individuality & good mental health.

I've always been a big believer in You Do You and that every human has worth and individual perspective and worth and we need to value that more. Especially in fashion and also just how we treat each other. 

Some of the services such as colour lilies, bespoke veils and theatrical millinery are totally still going to be available. I've worked too hard to get them established and I'll be damned if I'm going to remove them just because people need to give me one label. Nah. Get out, now. Side note, it's more than ok in life to have more than one skill and facet to you, so don't let anyone tell you different! If anything this makes life more interesting and unique.

So in a nutshell, the millinery brand so to speak isn't going anywhere, not just yet! The services are going to be condensed and simplified and adapted to reflect what is logically possible, but the website will be constantly updated to reflect what is currently available. 

And if you're confused about how to tag me on instagram, is it about caps? Tag @thecapalog. About millinery or bridal veils? Tag @jenlevetmillinery! Is it about cats or my coffee addiction?? Tag the human account on @jenlevet or fuck it whichever you fancy. The world won't end & quite frankly there are bigger problems out there at the moment. 

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