The Craft of Millinery Taster Workshops

The Craft of Millinery Taster Workshops

Just launched on Sundays are small taster workshops themed around the craft of millinery, designed as intros into millinery and how simple and fun it can be.



These are designed for beginners and are short and sweet, so not too scary or impossible for the inexperienced. They are meant to be a good filler into your Sunday too, a good little thing to learn on your day off, before or after you go and mooch in salts mill bookshop or head home for your roast & Sunday tele. They are designed to be FUN end of.


For me personally millinery and the trade of hatting is about the craft and techniques and the aesthetic is about the individual identity of each wearer. It’s something that’s endlessly fascinating as a craft and all the techniques and methods that I’ve learnt, I’ve been taught by others or have had to self teach as well, so I know how to brainstorm learning a lot of the techniques from the endless classes I’ve been too.


I’m a big believer in everyone being able to learn new skills & fashion should be a form of expression and identity NOT conformity. It should be accessible to all and no one should be afraid to learn a new skill and ask lots of questions and work out how to make something new.


This series has also been launched as I’m on a mission to bring millinery more accessible to all and also show that it is just as much a craft as ceramics, silversmithing, painting, woodwork and all other recognised contemporary crafts.


Designed for crafters, students or anyone curious, everyone is welcome and encouraged to muck in.


They are all hosted at the workshop in Salts Mill, just outside of Leeds, in Saltaire & run between 10am & 5pm, generally two each Sunday.


More details under the workshop tab above, including the calendar and booking details.
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