The Lace Book

The Lace Book

Introducing the Lace Book!

Bespoke Veils for Vintage Brides

Those of you who have been customers or followers for a while will know that I've made a veil or two over the years. On my old website they were a big part and focus and when I launched an online shop a couple of years ago and moved everything over... well I didn't quite finish moving veils over and including them as a part of the collection.

Juliet cap bridal veil made for a previous bride, made with pearl beading detail Juliet cap bridal veil made for a previous bride, made with pearl beading detail

Mainly because it's a lot of work, editing all the pics, writing all the pages and just pricing and presenting all the options! And when you rebrand and fine tune, you have to go over EVERYTHING all over again. (At least us ocd introverts need to..)

But also because I had relocated as well, I just didn't find the demand for it up in Lancashire & Yorkshire, compared to London, where I was based before. Now I don't know if that was because of getting word out & because you essentially have to start from scratch with marketing. Or just differences in distances brides would travel, changes in budgets, could have been anything! I totally didn't want to notice such a big difference, but sadly I did! The first year I was here I did three bridal fairs to get word out and most of the feedback was I was too far away to travel to (45min) and that most brides would get a veil from closer to home.

Silk tulle juliet cap veil with scalloped lace trim edge Silk tulle juliet cap veil with scalloped lace trim edge

Don't get me wrong, I was still developing it in the background... but essentially bridal & veils all went on the back burner. So it's genuinely really bloody lovely to re introduce them and get the ball rolling again. Personally I really enjoy making bridal veils for customers as I see it as a piece of clothing that I pattern cut and can be really geeky about the final shape and how the drape is achieved. Also finding the right lace to match a bride's dress and something so personal to such a special day is really rewarding to be a part of.

Classic tulle Edwardian style cap veil with scalloped lace trim edge

SO to the point! The bridal veils are now under the collection name The Lace Book. They have been completely re jigged and are hopefully more transparent for anyone enquiring and finding out all they need to know before getting in touch.

Intro to bridal veils and how getting a veil works

There is a new pricing system and lace samples have their own album on the website to peruse, which is being added to as we speak and only a snapshot of ones that can be ordered from.

Corded scalloped lace edge of bridal veilMedium ivory vintage floral lace edge of bridal veilWider corded scalloped lace edge of bridal veil

All the styles that are available to order are under The Style Catalogue and lace samples are under Lace Library and more info will be gradually added over the coming months.

Fittings are also available to be booked once a month in Saltaire (and every other month in London fingers crossed...)

For more info please see the bridal tab at the top of the page and have a peruse through all the info pages or drop an email to enquire or just click here.

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