What the Colour Lilies are all about

What the Colour Lilies are all about

The Colour Lilies are a collection of made to order headpieces, designed to be an alternative to sculptural and larger millinery, for those occasions when you just don't want to wear a bigger hat, have already spent too much on your accommodation & travel, or if bigger hats just aren't your bag!

Pink Magpie themed headpiece with petals in four shades

They come in a range of styles and each petal can be custom chosen to match your outfit. In terms of waste they are also really sustainable as each petal only uses a small square of fabric. It also means I can work with dressmakers using their waste and offcuts from pattern cutting, using up every tiny bit of fabric.

Colour chart of all the petal shades to choose from for colour lilies headpieces

This is where most of the foundation colours come from. Some of them such as dark teal only have a limited stock because the original fabric shop doesn't stock it any more! As it was only bought in a limited run. Others are sourced from specialist uk suppliers, who specialise in providing fabric for dressmaking only and have been going for generations.

Lilac, pink and grey headpiece made with silk flowers

Colour Lilies, a play on the words calla lilies, have also so far proven to be a love or hate collection! Personally I love the botanical colourful vibes but if floral isn't really your cuppa tea then I can see why..

Colour lilies headpiece made for photoshoot to match dip dye dress

But if you would like a custom coloured headpiece for an occasion or hat with colour lilies such as this mother of the bride hat below, then see here for more info.

Mother of the bride hat with colour lilies trim detail

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