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Tulle Samples

Tulle Samples

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Sample pack of bridal veil tulle for you to compare to your dress or just see the fabric in real life before ordering.

This sample pack includes two pieces of tulle in pale ivory:

-Silk tulle

-Synthetic tulle

Tulle comes in so many different qualities, from really delicate soft silk tulle to really stiff and for want of a better description 80s pouffy. Not to mention the different shades of ivory..

For most of the bridal veils available to order, both online and bespoke with Jen Levet Millinery, there are two types of tulle that are used. Firstly a lovely decadent silk tulle and secondly a more affordable synthetic tulle. The synthetic tulle was sourced particularly because it is a fraction of the price of the silk but is as close in quality to silk tulle as I could find and also has a really soft drape, so it is very well suited to delicate bridal veils.

In pics and photos it can be very hard to tell the differences between the two, please see the pics shown, but in real life there is a definite difference. It's one of those things, if you didn't know one existed then you wouldn't be the wiser, but it's good to know options! Sometimes it's worth the extra pennies and adds a little bit more to veil, otherwise the synthetic is just as beautiful and just pretend you never knew about the silk!

This sample book includes two individual pieces of tulle, big enough to see the colour and drape of the tulle against your dress and any lace details.

Please note if you have already paid a deposit towards your veil then this tulle swatch is free of charge.

Also similarly, if you do go ahead with buying a veil then this swatch price will be deducted at a later date from your final veil cost.

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